Diana Robinson and son who received care at Stevenson


"Without SMH’s life-saving intervention, Owen wouldn’t have survived."

~ Diana Robinson, grateful patient and donor

Diana was coming home from work on May 30, 2007 when she saw an accident on Highway 27 just up the road from her house. Her kids’ school bus was pulled over to the side of the road and traffic was stopped.

I just knew that something really bad had happened. I got out of the car and started to run up the highway. Our eight-year-old son Owen had been hit by a car getting off the bus,” says Diana.

“It happened so fast,” recalls Diana. “There was a retired firefighter at the scene, two people trained in CPR had pulled over to help and an ambulance came from just down the street at the Fire Hall. Owen was rushed to Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH), where he was stabilized and sent by helicopter to SickKids. Owen sustained severe injuries that have required many years of rehabilitation therapy since.”

“Owen’s accident was over ten years ago, but I’ll never forget how amazing the staff at SMH was. They were so calm and clear, working to stabilize Owen. They saved his life. Without SMH’s life-saving intervention immediately after the accident Owen wouldn’t have survived.”

And Diana herself, as well as other members of the family, have also received excellent care at SMH.

“In 2016, I injured my ankle and was mostly immobile,” recalls Diana. “I developed a really bad pain in my leg. My physiotherapist thought it might be a blood clot and told me to go to the hospital right away.”

Diana’s family is so grateful for the care they received they have been giving back to help others ever since.

"Our family runs a local business and we donate the proceeds from the sale of our cookies and donated antiques to charity. Every six months, 1/3 goes to Stevenson Memorial Hospital for saving Owen’s life, 1/3 to SickKids for caring for him and 1/3 to Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital for helping Owen with his recovery,” continues Diana.

“It’s difficult to think about what happened to Owen and everything he has been through since, but I wanted to share our story to show how much SMH means to my family and so many others in this community.”

Thank you for making incredible stories like Owen’s and Diana’s possible. Your support is changing and saving patients’ lives.