Diagnostic Imaging Program

The diagnostic imaging department provides a variety of diagnostic exams for inpatients, emergency patients and outpatients.  The department completes over 39,000 exams yearly.

To book an exam or service, please call: (705) 434-5133.

Diagnostic Imaging fax line: (705) 434-5111.

For physicians/clinicians: Requisition Forms

CT Requisition Form
X-ray Requisition Form
Routine Ultrasound Requisition Form
Mammography Requisition Form

Bone Mineral Density Requisition Form


Services include:

Computed Tomography

A computed tomography , also known as a C.T. scan or a CAT scan, creates a series of images that reveal conditions not detectable with conventional X-rays. A beam of radiation is set on the studied patient and moves around the body, creating multiple cross sectional images. The patients must lie still to ensure the accuracy of the study.  C.T. scans are performed by Medical Radiation Technologists who have specific training in C.T. scanning.

CT Requisition Form

General Radiography

X-ray procedures are performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Stevenson.  No appointment is necessary for general radiography studies. 

X-ray Requisition Form


Ultrasound examinations include general, breast, obstetrical, ultrasound guided breast biopsies and venous Doppler. There are two ultrasound machines that were provided through community generosity.

Routine Ultrasound Requisition Form

Ontario Breast Screening Program

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) is a part of Cancer Care Ontario. It provides mammography services for women who are 50 years of age or older for breast screening.

Women Eligible for Screening in the OBSP:

  • Ontario resident

  • 50 years of age and over

  • No acute breast symptoms

  • No personal history of breast cancer

  • No breast implants

Women over 50 years may self-refer to the OBSP and book an appointment by calling: (705) 434-5133.

Diagnostic Mammography

A mammogram is a radiograph (X-ray) of the breast and is free-of-charge for women in Ontario. Diagnostic mammography is done on a patient who does not meet the criteria listed above for OBSP.

In order to book an appointment for a mammogram, a referral from your physician is required. An appointment can be made by calling the Imaging booking desk at extension 5133.

Mammography Requisition Form



Stevenson conducts approximately 2,500 examinations yearly. This includes  1,800 exams that were conducted through the very successful, accredited Ontario Breast Screening Program, which began in 1999.

Learn more about breast screening.

Bone Densitometry

A bone mineral densitometry is the diagnostic process that uses a low dose X-ray instrument in order to measure the bone mineral content. This identifies those patients who have osteoporosis. Treatment may be needed in order to prevent fractures.

In order to book an appointment for a Bone Densitometry examination, a referral is required from your physician. Please book an appointment by calling extension 5133.

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