Outpatient Clinics

A wide variety of health care services are available on an outpatient (non-admitted patients) basis. Some of these clinics include:

  • Cardiology Clinic
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
  • Chronic Kidney Care Clinic
  • Sleep Clinic
  • Prenatal Clinic
  • Ophthalmology
  • Diabetic Education

Click here for a full list of outpatient clinics

All clinics require referral through your family physician. Please ask for directions to the outpatient clinics at the Visitor Information Desk in the main lobby at the entrance to the hospital.

Cardiovascular & Respiratory Testing Requisition Form
Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation Program Referral Form
Sleep Clinic Referral Form

Well Women's Clinic

Nurse Practitioner at StevensonOur nurse practitioner, Marcie Dunn, runs the Well Women’s Clinic and provides physical exams and routine screening for women in need of health care.  The Well Women’s Clinic also offers health education and support for menopause and sexual health concerns. Women can access gynecological or specialist services if necessary, in their own community.

Women can also access prenatal care available to women in the first to second trimester, with referral to obstetrical care. The clinic offers pregnancy diagnostics and testing, as well as education.

The Well Women's Clinic is offered every Thursday at the hospital. To book an appointment, please call (705) 434-5133.