Acute Care

Stevenson Memorial Hospital provides a multidisciplinary approach to acute care by professional, caring and skilled staff.  The patient centered care unit respects the patient’s confidentiality, rights and choices and supports patient and family involvement in all aspects of care.  The 32 bed acute care unit manages diseases such as acute coronary syndrome (heart attacks and angina), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), pneumonia, diabetes, and palliative care.

The department includes qualified nursing staff that provide quality care to help enable patients to reach their maximum functionality and promote positive outcomes. The Health Care team members include: physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, an occupational therapist, pharmacists, a dietician, Community Care Case Manager, discharge planner and spiritual care.

The Acute Care Unit works closely with all departments in the hospital and maintains extensive community-based associations to provide referrals for services not available at SMH.

What you need to bring:

·            Slippers

·            Toiletries

·            Robe or pyjamas

·            Medications from home


Once the acute phase of the illness and treatment is complete the patient will be discharged.  If the patient is unable to be discharged to their preadmission residence then the Discharge Planner and the interdisciplinary team will meet with the patient and their family to discuss discharge options. It is important for the patient and family to work with the staff to make these important decisions.  The Interdisciplinary staff, with the patient and family, will determine the need for additional services in the home or placement in another care facility such a respite care, retirement home, rehabilitation centre, convalescent care centre or a Long Term Care Home (nursing home). If your condition necessitates staying in the Hospital until a space in a long-term care facility is available the discharge planner will discuss applicable charges.

Transportation on Discharge

Any charges for transportation services are your responsibility.

Your doctor and/or nurse will discuss discharge plans with you in order that you can make necessary transportation arrangements. If a friend or family member is unable to pick you up, staff will assist you in arranging for a taxi.

Prescriptions for medications may be filled at any one of several pharmacies located close to the Hospital.

We appreciate your help:

Stevenson is committed to delivering patient centered quality care and service, we encourage patients, family and friends to work with the nursing staff to help ensure that patients have all of their care needs met.  We have prioritized care on the basis of treatment and testing needs and we are thankful for all the support that we receive from family and friends who aid with patient feeding, bathing and hygiene.