Emergency Department

The Stevenson Memorial Hospital Emergency Department accommodates approximately 30,000 patient visits each year in a space that was designed and built for approximately 7,000 annual visits in 1964.

As we work toward a redevelopment of the department, our E.R. team of experts provides top quality care to patients, accessing  modern diagnostic assessment equipment, which is readily available, including CT and X-ray.

The Emergency Team

The Emergency Department consistently ranks 2nd in the province out of 74 high volume hospitals for wait times - since September, 2013!  A team of physicians, nurses and staff provides 24-hour on site coverage and specialist back-up is available for areas including internal medicine, surgery and anesthesia.

Wait Times

At Stevenson, we are proud to be a top performer, recognized for the 2nd shortest ER wait times consistenly since September, 3013. Patients are triaged by a registered nurse on arrival at the Emergency Department.

Triage refers to the process of quickly assessing patients in order to prioritize their needs for emergency care. Critically ill or injured patients are always seen first. The length of your visit may be dependent on other factors:

You may need lab tests and x-rays, or other doctors may need to be consulted.

Some of the sickest patients require multiple staff members to look after them simultaneously, so occasionally a single patient can seemingly bring the entire department to a standstill.

If the hospital is full, then admitted patients may be occupying beds in the Emergency Department, delaying access for new patients.

Please remember that the Emergency Department may look quiet when it is actually very busy. Behind closed doors we may be caring for a seriously ill patient who requires a lot of attention from emergency staff.


Please keep the number of visitors in the Emergency Department to a minimum. We may limit visitors to one at a time to ensure patient privacy, infection control precautions and provide staff enough room to perform their duties quickly.

Thank You for Your Patience

We understand patients and families are often frightened and upset, our team is highly skilled to meet your needs and provide excellent car