Stevenson Makes Patients a Partner in their Care through the Patient-Family Advisory Council

Stevenson Memorial Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality, safe care to patients at their moment of need.  We are always looking to improve the level of care we provide, and part of that effort comes from learning through the experiences of our patients and their families.  Thus, as a further extension of our commitment to improve our hospital to provide the very best care possible for our community, we are seeking additional Patient-Family Advisors to work with us to improve our level of care. 

These Patient-Family Advisors, along with Stevenson's staff and physicians, form an Advisory Council that provides direct input into policies, programs and practices that affect the patient experience at Stevenson. New advisors will be encouraged to share their first-hand experiences and provide advice on all aspects of care, including access to services, patient information, program and space design, signage and communication.

This new Patient-Family Advisory Council is another step to delivering on Stevenson's goal to involve and partner with the community and receive its input to enhance overall quality healthcare.  We believe that the best level of healthcare is provided when patients and families are involved in the planning and delivering of that healthcare. 

To apply, please click here to print off and complete an application form. Once complete, please contact the Patient Experience Lead at  705-435-3377, ext. 2310 or email