Pharmacy Services

Stevenson Memorial Hospital’s Pharmacy Department is comprised of a team of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who work together to provide medication distribution and clinical services to hospital patients using a pharmaceutical care model.  These services include:

  • Clinical pharmacist services (e.g., medication profile management, therapeutic drug monitoring, recommendations regarding medication therapy, patient counseling, monitoring for  adverse drug reactions and interactions)
  • Drug information
  • Development of policies and procedures to promote safe, evidence-based medication use
  • Provision of computer-generated medication administration records for all inpatients
  • Purchasing, storage and distribution of medications
  • Drug manufacturing, including sterile compounding

Pharmacists play a key role in a multidisciplinary team.  They work with other members of the healthcare team to ensure that patients receive optimal medication therapy while in hospital.  All medications orders are checked for possible drug interactions, allergies, and appropriate dosing.  Pharmacists counsel patients on medications and monitor response to therapy while in hospital. 

Pharmacy Technicians purchase and maintain drug inventory in all areas of the hospital.   They prepare medication doses for patients, which are dispensed in single unit-of-use packages.  Technicians and Pharmacists work together to promote safe, effective use of medications throughout the hospital.

When you arrive at the hospital, please bring a list of your medications with you to help our pharmacists determine the proper course of action.