Hospital Service Accountability Agreement

Service Accountability Agreements are signed with the Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and outline the agreement for service levels and allows Stevenson Memorial Hospital to continue providing its broad range of high quality, safe programs and services. The most recent Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (H-SAA) is available below.

Under The Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act, 2004, all Hospitals in the Province of Ontario are required to sign an annual Hospital Services Accountability Agreement (HSAA). This HSAA requires that the Hospital achieve a balanced budget position, as well as outlines other financial and performance obligations that the hospital has pledged to meet. Below are links to Stevenson Memorial's Agreements. 

2016-17 H-SAA Amending Agreement

2015-16 H-SAA Amending Agreement 

2014-15 H-SAA Amending Agreement

2013-14 H-SAA Amending Agreement 

2012-13 H-SAA Amending Agreement #3 

2012-13 H-SAA Amending Agreement #2 

2012-13 H-SAA-Amending Agreement #1

2011-12 H-SAA-Amending Agreement #2 

2011-12 H-SAA-Amending Agreement #1 

2010-11 H-SAA Schedule Amendments 

2010-11 H-SAA Amending Agreement 

2008-10 Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (H-SAA)