Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits for Patients – What You Need to Know

A Virtual Visit is a video-based virtual care encounter between a healthcare provider and a patient. A video-based virtual care encounter provides a richer experience for the patient while providing additional context and information to the provider. While virtual visits can facilitate many care needs, it may not be suitable for some individuals or their care needs.

What can I expect with a Virtual Visit?

You can expect to have a face to face conversation with your physician to discuss your situation, and make a plan of care.  Your physician will conduct a virtual assessment, review results and ask appropriate questions to help diagnose and manage your condition. You can discuss next steps and ask questions as well.  

At SMH, the following programs are participating in the Virtual Visits program:

  • Mary McGill Community Mental Health Program
  • Cardiology Clinic
  • Nurse Practitioner/Well Womans Clinic

What technology do I need to participate in a Virtual Visit?

Below is some information and tips to help ensure successful connectivity and quality during the video visit.

  1. A device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer)

  2. Access to Patient Connect (via the mHealth app or the web-based Patient Connect portal).
    Need information on how to access Patient Connect? Click here.

  3. Strong, stable internet:
    Patient Connect is compatible with most web browsers. We recommend using Safari (Apple products only), Google Chrome, or Firefox.

    1. Recommend test your connection using an online tool:

      1. For a high-resolution call, a minimum of 1.5Mpbs UP and 1.5 Mbps DOWN is needed.

      2. For a medium-quality call, a minimum of 1Mbps UP and 1 Mbps DOWN is needed.

    2. Ask family members at home to refrain from streaming TV, YouTube videos, or playing online games while a Virtual Visit is taking place.

What can I do to prepare for a Virtual Visit?

Please test your connection/equipment as indicated above.  Have your health card ready for registration if required.  Have all medication lists, health history and applicable documents available to support your visit with your doctor.  Be sure to login 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.  If required a clerk will attend to your registration at this time.  Have your questions written down and ready to discuss.

During your visit, your provider may need to examine you. Be prepared to adjust your camera and be prepared to follow your provider’s instructions. Set your camera at eye level for a full view of your face. If you’re using a phone or tablet, lean it against something so you don’t have to hold it.

What happens if the provider disconnects from the Virtual Visit prematurely?
If for some reason your health care provider disconnects from the virtual visit, please wait for them to re-join. Do not disconnect until provider has informed you that the visit is complete.

What happens after a Virtual Visit?

The doctor will give you instructions on what is required next.  If a follow-up appointment is required the clerk will book this accordingly.  Process varies depending on the service.  You might be re-booked in the moment by staying connected on the video appointment or you may receive an email notification that you have been booked according to provider request. 

Similar to a face-to-face visit, your appointment will be documented and added to the visit history along with any accompanying reports in the Patient Connect portal.