Self Check-In

Check in to your appointment remotely

Appointment Self Check-In is an online service available for patients with scheduled appointments at select clinics at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. Offering leading, convenient options to register, use this app and service to:

  • Register for your appointment from home on your mobile device
  • Verify your registration information is up to date
  • Receive timely notifications and directions to the clinic
  • Way-finding: Get directions to your appointment destination inside the hospital.

For patients to use this service, they must have provided their cell phone number and provided consent to send text messages when booking their scheduled appointments. Registration in person will still be available to those who wish not to use the application.

Clinics with Self Check-In at SMH:

  • Outpatient Fracture Clinic
  • Diagnostic Imaging - Ultrasound 
  • OB/Prenatal Clinic

The clinic appointment reminder (once you have provided your cell phone and consent to send messages) will be specific to the location of your appointment.

Get the Convey App now:

icon of Convey app

Download the Convey app from the App Store or on Google Play.


  1. When booking your appointment we will ask you if you consent to receiving text messages. Only patients providing consent will be able to use Self Check-In.
  2. You will receive a text message 3 days before your appointment that includes a Facility Code and a unique PIN #.
  3. Download the Convey app using one of the links above. Use the Facility Code and PIN # to log-in.
  4. 24 hours before your appointment you will receive a text message alert that registration is now open for your appointment.
  5. Open the Convey app and click “Confirm” on your appointment. You will be asked to confirm your demographics. If you need to change your demographics you’ll be asked to call us to finish registering when you arrive.
  6. When you arrive at the hospital open the Convey app again to let us know you’re here by checking in by using the “I’m Here” button or checking in using the QR code at the main entrance.
  7. Once checked-in you will receive instructions to go through main entrance screening and directions to your clinic.


Technical Support

Technical support is available to patients through a third party vendor / external support provider. 

Technical Help Line: 1-866-259-4329

Hours of Operation: 24/hrs a day, seven days a week

Appointment Support

If you have a question about your clinic appointment (e.g. modify / cancel), call SMH at (705) 435-3377 ext. 0. You will be redirected to the appropriate location.