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SMH Values Award 2024

[June 27, 2024] SMH held their annual SMH Values Award ceremony where staff were nominated and recognized by their peers for exemplifying the ICARE Values (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect & Excellence) at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. Thank you to all who nominated, as the voting committee was overwhelmed with 17 wonderful nominees to choose from: 

Congratulations to the Value Award Nominees:  

  • Val Valente-Simao, OR Booking 
  • Judy Nowogrodzki, OBS Unit Clerk 
  • Nicole Daniels, RPN, Peri-Op 
  • Todd Westacott, IT Manager  
  • Rachael Ogorek, Corporate Communications Officer  
  • Chris Blacklaws, RN, Emergency Department  
  • Dollette Johnson, MRT, Diagnostic Imaging  
  • Colleen Allan, Outpatient Department, Unit Clerk 
  • Dr. James Lo, Chief, Anaesthesia, former Interim Chief of Staff 
  • Scott Cave, Facilities & Maintenance  
  • Jacquie Armellin, RN, Emergency Department  
  • Dr. Ihab Khalil, Chief, Paediatrics 
  • Shannon Grant, Director, Human Resources, Occ Health & Volunteer Services 
  • Jackie Cameron, Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff 
  • Susan Stinson Wallace, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer  
  • Rachel Puccia, Physiotherapist  
  • Taya DeNeef, RPN, Emergency Department 


While each of these candidates exemplifies the ICARE values shared at SMH and are an integral part of daily operations, the 2024 Values Award Winner is Nicole Daniels, RPN!

Congratulations to Nicole and all our candidates for your hard work and unwavering dedication, day in and day out. You are truly appreciated for everything you do!