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SMH Presents Award of Excellence in Nursing

SMH is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2024 Award of Excellence in Nursing:

Candace Hubacheck, RPN, Outpatient Department

Here are some details from her nomination:

Candace has been with SMH for over 15 years, and does her job as an RPN with such compassion. Candace runs a 1-person show in OPC, literally doing it all. From the fracture clinic, to the urology clinic, and everything in between, Candace promotes the highest ethical standards to each and every patient she has an encounter with. Candace always ensures every patient receives the best care while at Stevenson, and always goes above and beyond for them. Any patient who has received care from Candace can agree that she is an incredible nurse and deserves to be recognized.

Congratulations to all of the 2024 nominees:

  • Anne Smienk, Peri-Op
  • Taya Deneef, ED
  • Marcie Dunn, Outpatient/Ambulatory Care
  • Katie Higgins, ED
  • Candace Hubacheck, Outpatient/Ambulatory Care
  • Amanda Littler, Med/Surg