Meet Cindy and Meaghan

Cindy, a nurse at Stevnson for 18 years and Meaghan, a Registered Kinesiologist, run the cardiovascular rehabilitation program at SMH.

The program is for patients who have suffered a major cardiac event or anyone who is at risk for one, and it focuses on lifestyle changes, healthy behaviours, diet, exercise and emotional support.

As a nurse on our Med/Surg inpatient unit as well, Cindy often sees both sides of the spectrum. “When I’m upstairs on Med/Surg, I’m caring for patients at their worst, sometimes right after they’ve suffered a heart attack and then I usually get to see them again later in cardiac rehab where I can help them heal and grow stronger.”

Thank you to Cindy, Meaghan and the wonderful team of volunteers in our cardiovascular rehab program for healing hearts and improving lives.