Working Together To Keep You Informed


Are you properly identified?

At Stevenson Memorial Hospital it is imperative that all patients are properly identified. As such, each patient should be given an arm band when registered. Please make sure your healthcare team checks your armband or asks your name and birth date. This is important before procedures, and helps to ensure you get the proper treatment and care.


Do you know the members of your health care team?

Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and others work cooperatively to provide exceptional care. If you haven’t been introduced, just ask and they’ll be happy to identify themselves and explain their role in your care.


Is your call button accessible?

Leaning out of bed could result in a fall, so please let us know if you need the button moved closer. Accessibility is important, so please notify us if you have any special needs or disabilities


Do you and the people around you clean their hands when entering and exiting your room?

Hand hygiene is of the utmost importance in the prevention of spreading infections. Hand washing stations are located throughout the hospital and by every room door. Please ask all visitors to wash their hands and if necessary, remind your caregivers too.


Make sure that you sanitize your hands before and after you eat, cough or sneeze and after blowing your nose with alcohol based hand rub available throughout the Hospital. Also please, wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet.


Detailed hand washing brochures are available here. Isolation signs must also be observed at all times.


Are we all working together to reduce the risks of falls?

Please ask for help when you need to get up or sit down in a wheelchair or on your bed. Please wear non-skid shoes or socks if you want to walk around. For details on reducing your risk, ask for our special brochure on the subject of fall prevention.


Were you asked about your medications? Have you provided a list?

If the hospital does not have a complete list of your medication, please write them down here and give this to your nurse. Include vitamins, supplements, tobacco, nicotine patches, alcohol and recreational drugs.


Are you educated in your care?

Stay involved in your health care by knowing about your illness and taking part in all treatment decisions.

The health care team at Stevenson Memorial Hospital is dedicated to your safety and well being. We are here to help and want your stay to be as safe and comfortable as possible. Brochures are available on a number of topics. If you have any concerns about the care you are being given, please speak to a member of your health care team or contact the SMH Patient Relations Officer at Extension #2348


Please ask us if you’re unsure:

We’re here to help. If you do not understand something about your care, please ASK. Understanding will help you to be in better control of your own health.