Additional Safety Information

Alcohol/Non-Prescription Medications
Alcohol, natural remedies and vitamins may interfere with your treatment and cause serious side effects when taken with prescribed medications. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless ordered by your doctor and administered by a nurse.

Balloons/Latex Products
For the protection of patients, staff and visitors who may have a latex sensitivity/allergy, Stevenson Memorial Hospital does not permit latex products being brought into the Hospital. If you are a patient with a latex sensitivity/allergy please inform a health care professional at admission. Latex balloons also create a safety risk to children should a piece accidentally be inhaled. Foil balloons are acceptable.

Cellular Phones
The use of cellular phones in the Hospital is not permitted in patient rooms. In areas where the use of cellular phones is not permitted, these devices must be completely turned off; they cannot operate in stand-by mode as they can interfere with the operation of critical medical equipment used for patient care.

Fire Safety
You may hear one of our regular fire drills ("Code Red") during your hospital stay. If you are on your patient care unit when you hear the alarm, please return to your room and keep your door closed. If you are in another area of the Hospital such as the Cafeteria or Gift Shop, please stay where you are until the "all clear" signal is given. A staff member will inform you should any action become necessary.

Hospital staff, medical staff, and volunteers are easily identified by their photo identification (ID) badge. It is mandatory for these individuals to wear their ID badge while at the Hospital. If you observe a suspicious activity or individual, have lost personal items, or have any security concerns, please call Patient Access.

Stevenson Memorial Hospital is committed to the promotion of good health. As of July 11, 2011 smoking is not permitted anywhere on hospital property, inside or out. Patients and visitors wishing to smoke will have to leave hospital property to smoke. For more information on a Smoke Free Stevenson, please click here.

Telephone Solicitation
While you are a patient, please do not give out any personal information about yourself over the telephone to individuals claiming to represent a service or product (i.e., baby photographer, insurances, etc.). The Hospital has no method of ensuring that these companies are reputable or offer a legitimate service or product. If you receive such a call, please advise your nurse immediately.