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Stevenson welcomes orthopaedic surgeon

August 12, 2013 – Stevenson Memorial Hospital President and CEO Annette Jones is delighted to announce the arrival of the first full time orthopaedic surgeon to our community.

“We are thrilled that we have recruited an orthopaedic surgeon who will establish their office practice right here in Alliston,” said Annette Jones. “Our community engagement with stakeholders including family physicians and residents made it clear that access to orthopaedic services was a significant need and our patients will no longer need to travel outside this community for appointments, tests and procedures.”

Dr. Syndie Singer, a fully-trained comprehensive orthopaedic surgeon with a subspecialty in foot and ankle procedures, held her first clinics at Stevenson this week.

“I am excited to have the opportunity offer the patients of Alliston and surrounding communities orthopaedic care closer to home,” said Dr. Singer.  “During my work as a locum surgeon over the past two years at Southlake Regional Health Centre, Mackenzie Health and Markham-Stouffville hospital, I have often been called by ER physicians in Alliston to provide advice or arrange surgery.  I have seen Alliston patients at my out-patient clinic in Vaughan and it was clear that this community would benefit from the presence of an orthopaedic surgeon.”

Dr. Singer will operate a fracture clinic and a consultation clinic, and will spend at least one day in the OR each week. She plans to gradually increase the types of procedures available at Stevenson, however, major joint surgery like hip and knee replacement andserious trauma surgery will not be offered. Most sports related injuries and small joint repairs will be available.

“At the fracture clinic, I'll be typically seeing patients with urgent injuries that have been seen in the emergency department have been splinted and need a cast,” Dr. Singer explained.  "The consultation clinic deals with the more chronic orthopaedic injuries or other conditions and family physicians will be referring those individuals to me."

Dr. Singer trained at the University of Toronto orthopaedic surgery program and completed a one-year fellowship at St. Michael’s Hospital with Dr. Timothy Daniels. She also worked at The Scarborough Hospital, Birchmount Campus, completing training in general orthopaedics as well as foot & ankle surgery through informal fellowships with Dr. Christine Young and Dr. Warren Latham.

New equipment and specialized tools required for orthopaedic procedures were funded by the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation, with generous donations from community groups and individuals. “With that continued support, we will keep growing to serve our community better with specialized services closer to home,” Jones concluded.