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Fraudulent phone calls on behalf of SMH

[New Tecumseth, ON – January 3, 2020] A series of fraudulent calls were made to various community members in New Tecumseth on Thursday, January 2, 2020 stating that the individual was calling on behalf of Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH). The individual was asking community members to identify themselves and in some cases, asking for donations to the Hospital. SMH has contacted the Nottawasaga OPP regarding the issue.

“Stevenson Memorial Hospital does not solicit donations directly to the public,” says Jody Levac, President and CEO, SMH. “If you receive a phone call from someone stating they are from Stevenson Memorial Hospital and are attempting to identify you or ask for a donation, please take caution and hang up.”

The Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation (SMHF) is the only organization that may contact an individual regarding a donation on behalf of the Hospital. The SMHF contacts community donors by phone for various reasons from time to time, including recognizing and thanking them and to verify interest and information.

“The Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation is not currently calling individuals seeking donations,” says Tanya Wall, Executive Director, SMHF. “If you receive a call from someone asking for a donation and stating they are calling on behalf of the Hospital, please hang up and contact the Foundation office directly to confirm the call’s legitimacy.”

Community members can contact the Foundation office directly at (705) 435-6281 x 2350.

SMH has a number of tips to consider if you are contacted by an unknown individual regarding a charitable donation:

  • Ask for and check the charity’s registration number online.
  • Call the Canada Revenue Agency toll free at 1-877-442-2899.
  • Never give out personal or financial information over the phone or at the door.
  • Research the charity and ask for the information to be sent to you in the mail before you donate.
  • Give your donations to established charities you are familiar with (if need be come to the Hospital and meet with the Foundation directly).
  • Don’t pay in cash.
  • Beware of anyone who thanks you for a pledge you haven’t made.