3rd Class Engineer, Scott Cave, works with the maintenance team to ensure that our hospital keeps running efficiently.

Scott Cave, is a longtime resident of New Tecumseth and one of the many babies that was born at Stevenson Memorial Hospital! Growing up in Everett, Scott has called Alliston home for the last 20 years, and has worked with Stevenson Memorial Hospital since 2009. In that time Scott has seen both the hospital and the city getting busier.

"I know the hospital. My mom worked here for 27 years, and my sister used to work here during high school. It seems to be everyone seems to know everyone, and everyone gets along really well in the hospital. It's a more close-knit community, and that helps to make it really efficient"

Prior to Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Scott worked with the HVAC team at Toronto Dominion Center, and while the work downtown was interesting, Stevenson Memorial Hospital provides a much larger range of tasks to take on. Everything from fabricating new parts and repairing wheelchairs, to opening up the morgue for the undertaker, Scott works with the maintenance team to ensure that the hospital keeps running smoothly. 

"I used to leave the house at 10 to 5, and get to work for 6:30. The job was great and everything, and I didn't really mind the driving, but the thing you really think about is the time away from your family".

The maintenance team is full of experts, and Scott is truly is a jack of all trades. If you see him in the halls, make sure to say hello!