Meet Heather Venhuizen

As a physiotherapist, Heather and her team works primary on the med/surg unit, helping patients with any mobility issues and preparing them to be discharged back home or to a rehabilitation facility.
On a typical day, Heather sees approximately 20 patients. “I care for patients with numerous medical conditions. Some patients have had a loss of mobility due to an acute illness, arthritis or a stroke. While other patients might have suffered an accident or spinal cord injury or are recovering from surgery. I help them regain function, balance and coordination, working with them to regain their mobility. Some patients I work with for a few days and others could be for months,” says Heather.

“The Physiotherapy team and I recently helped a man in his sixties who suffered a stroke last fall. When we started working with him he couldn’t move on his own. His goal was to walk his daughter down the aisle and just a few months ago he came back to visit us, walking through the door of the hospital. He’s made an amazing recovery and will be able to make his dream come true in the future.”


“That’s why I do this job. I’ve been at Stevenson for five years and I love it here. It is so incredibly rewarding to help make a difference in patients’ lives.
Thank you to Heather and all of our staff members for the incredible difference you are making in so many people’s lives. We’re truly fortunate to have such an amazing staff.