Stevenson through the years


  • June 19 - Mr. T.P. Loblaw informed local merchants of his plan to build a hospital in memory of his grandparents.
  • December 3 - A 10 member Board of Trustees was chosen by Mr. Loblaw at a meeting held in Dominion Hotel, Alliston.


  • January 14 - First Board of Directors was chosen, consisting of six members
  • February 3 - T.P. Loblaw gave a sum of "more than $100,000", F.K. Morrow contributed "$2, 000 per year for ten years", plus anonymous donations.


  • April - Miss Jean Gillies, Superintendent, organized local women to assist the hospital - First Auxiliary President, Mrs. Isabel (Thomas) Whiteside.
  • June 30 - Official opening of Stevenson Memorial Hospital with 27 beds - portraits by Wyly Grier of William and Elizabeth Stevenson dedicated at ceremony.


  • Nurse's wages raised five dollars to $60.00 per month.


  • December 9 - Nurses residence was built - $26,800.00.


  • November - Miss Irene Shaw (Brickstock) hired as first Administrator.


  • Auxiliary reorganized by Miss Shaw with 34 charter members - Mrs. Mae (J.J.E.) McCague, first president and first Auxiliary representative to the official board.
  • Auxiliary requested Public Health Office, Barrie, to initiate prenatal classes in Alliston (1960 - 1992)


  • April 24 - Construction began for new SMH, contracted at a cost of $1,509,800.


  • June 28 - Official opening of second Stevenson Memorial Hospital (the original hospital was left vacant for two years, then rented in June of 1966 by Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Baker as a nursing home until they built their new facility, Good Samaritan Nursing Home, in 1973.)
  • Auxiliary Bursary Award created for students entering "hospital services"
  • Teen program originated, called "Candystripers".
  • September 1964 - Marion Carlton established as first Director of Nursing.


  • Hospital received Provincial Accreditation and the Ontario Hospital Board permitted an increase in the number of beds, from 77 to 85.


  • September - Meals on Wheels service initiated, sponsored by SMH, financially self-standing


  • February 15 - Department of Discharge Planning established.


  • Approval for establishment of Community Mental Health Clinic in nurses' residence.


  • March - Community Satellite Dialysis Program implemented, Video laparoscopy and enhanced mammography introduced, Midwifery Program initiated.
  • October - Palliative Care Unit opened in memory of Dr. D.W. McFarland


  • Bone Densitometry Program commenced
  • Creation of two Labour, Birthing, Recovery, Postpartum rooms
  • "Doula" Volunteer Program initiated
  • Stress Testing Clinic opened
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Clinic opened


  • Ambulatory Care Renovations Completed
  • Implementation of Day Rehabilitation Program


  • January - Implementation of Interim Long-Term Care beds, Joint Advisory Committee Agreement signed with South Lake Regional Health Centre


  • May - Implementation of the Ontario Breast Screening program.
  • July - Expansion of Dialysis Unit
  • August - An additional two new Labour, Birthing, Recovery, Postpartum rooms created
  • Information System Implementation (2000/2001)


  • March - Interim Long Term Care Bed Contract Expires
  • March - Ambulance Service Relocates
  • August - ER reopens on a 24/7 basis
  • August - SMH celebrates its 75th Anniversary


  • April 23 - The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care announced $25 million in funding for small to medium sized hospitals to create full-time nursing positions." Nurses are an integral part of Stevenson Memorial Hospital," said Ed Takacs, President and CEO as he welcomed news of the funding.
  • June 14 - SMH and the New Tecumseth Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee announced the signing of Dr. Izabella Kogan a family physician and the hospital's first doctor through the International Medical Graduate (IMG) program.
  • July 6 - Dr. Theodore Fischbacher and Dr. Oswaldo Ramirez agreed to set up practice in the community.
  • August 2 - 29 - Temporary closure of the Obstetrics Department at SMH.
  • October - Ophthalmology Program initiated with a commitment for funding from the SMH Foundation and a generous $100,000 donation from the Alliston Lions Club.
  • November 15 - A new Ophthalmology Program was announced, made possible by a funding commitment from the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation (SMHF) and a generous $100,00 donation from the Lions Club of Alliston.
  • December 4 - The Hon. George Smitherman, Minister of Health and Long Term Care visited SMH to welcome Dr. Nick Verma, the first physician through the governments Registration Through Practice Assessment Program. He also congratulated the hospital and community for successful 2004 recruiting four other physicians, including Dr. Adel Abdulhafid who was officially introduced to the community on Dec. 7.


  • March 14 - The hospital announced that Dr. Ashraf Yacoub an OB/Gyn had been recruited as part of the Board's promise to enhance the Obstetrical unit.
  • May - The hospital helped to host the community's first ever - Physician Appreciation Day, an initiative of the community's Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee.
  • May 31 - The SMH Ophthalmology Program received $15,000 for 20 more surgeries from the MOHLTC.
  • June - Students from University of Toronto Medical School came to SMH as part of Rural Health Day, hosted for the first time by the community's Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee.
  • October 6 - Dr. Alex Riddell was appointed Chief of Staff succeeding Dr. Trevor Hunt, who had served in the position for seven years.
  • October 11 - Internist was officially welcomed to the hospital.
  • October 14 - Stevenson Memorial received $83,250 for its Ophthalmology Program, as part of a Province-wide $39 million investment to reduce waiting times.
  • December 29 - SMH and the Nottawasaga OPP signed a formal agreement for the provision of mental health crisis services through the Mary McGill Community Mental Health Centre.


  • April 28 - SMH was the recipient of $334,500 in MOHLTC funding for the highly successful Ophthalmology Program.
  • July 26 - The hospital reinstated a physician waiting list for people who did not have a family physician in the community. For the first time, people were able to register using the internet.
  • August 14 - Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) and the community’s Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee is in place.
  • September 29 - Dr. Baseer Khan, joined the Ophthalmology Program at the hospital.
  • October 31 - The MOHLTC announced that SMH would be receiving $359,500 as part of the Provincial Government’s new $142 million Emergency Department Action Plan to assist in keeping the ER staffed with physicians.
  • November 29 - At a public meeting held by the hospital administration to explain the change in obstetrical services, community members voiced their opposition to closure of the birthing unit.
  • December 7 - The SMH Board of Directors heard from the public at an open Board meeting. Establishment of a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is announced to look at options for birthing services in the community.
  • December 13 - The SMH birthing unit closed.


  • January 25 - SMH announced that it has successfully achieved a three-year accreditation award through the Canadian Council of Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA).
  • February 15 - SMH announced today that a women's health program will be formalized in the Women's Health Centre. The Well Women's Clinic offers services to women from adolescent to geriatric ages. Women are able to self-refer to the centre, allowing access to care for women who are without a family physician.
  • June 11 - The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) appointed Mark Rochon to supervise the changes that were to take place at SMH.
  • August 29 - Mark Rochon announced a four member Advisory Committee of community representatives to assist in recruiting a new Board of Directors.
  • December 17 - Mark Rochon announced the appointment of 12 new Directors to SMH's Board.


  • February 12 - SMH announced that it has signed an agreement with an obstetrician to come to the community.
  • March - Dr. Alison Barrett is hired as the lead obstetrician at SMH. Preparations are made to reopen the hospital's birthing unit.
  • April 21 - The birthing unit at SMH officially reopened with Dr. Barrett as the lead obstetrician.
  • April 26 - The first baby of the newly-reopened birthing unit is born.
  • June 12 - SMH announced that it received approval from the MOHLTC for the installation and operation of a CT (CAT) Scanner.
  • June 12 - The Board at SMH announced the appointment of Gary Ryan as President and CEO at SMH. Ryan had served as interim-President and CEO since September of 2007.
  • June 24 - SMH announced that Dr. Baseer Khan and a team at SMH became the third team in Canada to perform a Canaloplasty, a minimally-invasive procedure which provides the hope of managing glaucoma without medication or major surgery.
  • September 5 - SMH celebrated its 80th birthday and the grand reopening (ceremony) of the birthing unit.


  • SMH announced the end of provincially-appointed supervisor’s  term at the hospital. Stevenson's Board of Dirctors and President and CEO Gary Ryan are now responsible for governing SMH.
  • SMH held the official ground-breaking for the introduction of the new CT scanner.