Freedom of Information

FIPPA at Stevenson Memorial Hospital

On January 1, 2012  all Ontario Health Service Providers became subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). To ensure compliance, CGMH has developed a Freedom of Information Office that will process freedom of information requests and oversee the protection of privacy.

The Act has two main purposes:

  • To make public bodies more transparent and accountable by providing individuals with the right of access to government records.
  • To protect personal information from unauthorized collection, use or disclosure by public bodies.

Upon request, the Hospital must provide records subject to limited exemption as provided by the Act.

Please Note: Personal Health Information cannot be accessed through the freedom of information process. If you are seeking access to your health records, please contact Health Records.

Requesting Access to Public Information:

Start by looking for the information that you need on the Hospital’s website. If you cannot find the information that you seek online, consider requesting the information informally. This means requesting information from the department or area of the hospital that you think may have what you are looking for. You will be assisted with your request and told whether the information can be provided to you informally, or whether you have to submit a freedom of information request. If you are not able to find the information that you are looking for online or by requesting the information from the Hospital informally, beginning on January 1st, you may submit a formal freedom of information request. All requests must be in writing using the Access /Correction Request Form.

Directory or Records

Access / Correction Request Form

Submit the completed form to the Access / Privacy Officer at the contact provided below:

Access / Privacy Officer
Stevenson Memorial Hospital
200 Fletcher Crescent

Alliston, Ontario

*Please note: a $5.00 application fee is required for each request.

Payment may be enclosed with the completed Request Form. Cheques made payable to: Stevenson Memorial Hospital.